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Mel at Grove Valve and Regulator – Emeryville, CA. 1973


Mel today; Custom made apparatus – credit Adam Eschbach/IPT

Micro Molding Inc. was founded in June of 1996 by Mel Weyerman.  At the time, Mel had over 20 years of experience in machining, mold making and plastic injection molding.  He started with one small press in his garage. Today, Micro Molding is housed in a 10,000+ square foot Building with a fully functional machine shop, custom assembly area, and presses up to 175 tons. Some of the industries we serve are specialty plumbing supplies, recreational firearm supplies, parts for semi-conductor manufacturing, prosthetic components, electrical connectors, and dental appliances.

A write up by the local paper during one of our expansions.  Idaho Press Tribune


Production floor

Production Floor